Parents Page


Open bar, open pool and dark rural setting are not the best place for our tiniest.  So we kindly ask you to make arrangements to take the kids off site by 9pm. We have over 30 children attending and we are really excited to see them have a great time and remain overstimulated for the whole day.

We wanted to outline a few options that we have already heard from parents:

  1. Bring a sitter. Some of our guests are bringing a sitter along with them to take care of their finest. As we have a number of AirBnB within short drives of the venue, this could work and have you able to let loose on the dance floor.
  2. Rent a caravan on site. We are working with the host to arrange for a few caravans to sit on our campsite. These are close to the house and will be parked next to the 10 tents that will house many of our guests. 
  3. Call the in-laws and leave the kiddies at home. A few of our friends are taking this route.