Now this is going to be an interesting one… you guys are all over the place! Thankfully you all know how to google things so we’ll keep this section short. Ask us if you get stuck.  It’s not exactly the easiest place to visit, but it will be well worth it in the end.

The address of the venue is: Higher Eggbeer Farm, Cheriton Bishop Nr Exeter, Devon EX6 6JQ.

From London

You lot are the luckiest, cause it’s rather straight forward from here.

The easiest would be to drive. The venue is about 4 hours from the Big Smoke and it’s pretty much one road all the way.

You can also take a train from Paddington Station to Exeter St Davids and then jump into a cab to get to the final destination.


Thanks a ton for coming, guys! It means a lot to us. Some of you crazy Germans are driving. That’s quite the effort and very exciting for us. Have a lovely journey.

The ones of you who don’t feel so adventurous can fly. That’s definitely an option. The closest airport to the venue is Exeter. The other option is Bristol. You will have to arrange transport from there though because it’s still 1.5 hours away.