As you will all know, we have lived together for the best part of a decade and own a house in the middle of deepest darkest Essex. So the traditional gift list probably would be a bit difficult to tie down..

But your sentiment means a lot to us and who are we to say no. As you may know, we have travelled a lot together and are now officially each others all time favourite travel companions. But we have never travelled with the intention of unwinding and a nice honeymoon to a beach may just allow us to do that. Therefore we ask that if you are inclined to offer a wedding gift, you click below to contribute to the two of us sipping cocktails while being pampered next to some sand and warm water a few weeks after the wedding.

Again, thank you so much. It already means so much to us you are attending.

We do of course accept the traditional physical gift on the day, but feel free to make use of the swift and easy digital option below if you want to keep it hassle-free.