Day 2


The big day indeed. We have a lovely venue to take advantage of so you may find us making changes as the day goes, especially due to weather. Here is a rough outline of the day. Bring your fanciest hats and your drinking hats.


Good morning! We ask guests to aim to be at the venue from this time onwards. No rush as there will be a relaxing reception with food and beverages. Depending on weather we will enjoy the lawn with some games for the kids and a tipple for the adults or we will enjoy the many different indoor spaces available to us. Expect to see both bride and groom mingling… no hiding away for us.


Oh, a cocktail! Our first sampling of some custom Cocktails for the big day. Expect lots of chatter, clinking and music taken directly from our record collection.


Get to your seats!! Again, depending on weather, we will gather on the lawn or in the chapel.  Then our slightly modified ceremony will begin. Expect lots of hymns, solemn prayer and miserable music. Or not.


Go on, embarrass us! Time for photos of the bridal families, then a free for all with you, our lovely friends and extended family. While we are being made to pose, expect nibbles and Devon’s finest craft beer and cider.


Kids! Kids everywhere. We will be laying on games and sugar for the littler ones. Parents, feel free to email us suggestions for the entertainment to supplement what we have planned. As the kids are being relentlessly fed sugar and caffeinated drinks, food will be prepped and served over the afternoon. Expect a rustic affair with little focus on formality. Hose downs will be available. There may be some oration happening also so be ready for poorly structured jokes. Aside from an area for the kids, we have a bar room with Pool and table football. We will also have the prettiest room reserved for a more relaxing environment where tea, coffee and yummy wine will be available. 


While we wait for the sun to go down, the party will get going. Live music, games, drinks and nibbles will be plentiful.


ID please! We will have our very own kid bouncer who will usher anyone under 18 off the site for 9pm. We ask parents bringing their children to arrange for them to be all tucked up in bed by this time.  Read here for details on plans for parents.


Pool Party! Our kind host will be opening the heated pool for the inevitable ruining of wedding outfits. We ask everyone to leave phones and wallets at the bar and join us in the pool


Turn that racket off! The main bars (yes there will be 3 on site) will close and whoever is left standing will gather in the games room. We will have 80s hits as well as a GnT tasting table. No curfew.