Wedding Weekender

Day 1: Arrival
Friday 11 May

While we prep the venue we hope people will arrive over the course of the day to enjoy a very pretty part of England. Then gather for dinner and drinks in the local golf club.

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Day 2: The Big Day
Saturday 12 May

You get the idea - we get married, we eat, we drink, we dance, we jump in the pool. We are looking forward to spending the day with you all. Find out what the rough plan is.

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Day 3: Hangover Recovery
Sunday 13 May

A day to recap the night before. Come back to the venue Sunday for a lovely relaxing day on the lawn. We will chat, hang out, eat more and take one final lap in the pool.

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Below are some of the lovely options we have available for the weekend. If you have not received guidance on your accommodation in the RSVP reply we sent you, please book one of the following. Bridal party members as well as close family will be staying at the golf course.

Golf Club Chalets & Hotel

This is the ideal location for families or pairs of couples. Check out their website for more information.

Hotels & Bed n Breakfasts

Devon is blessed with some very nice smaller accommodations. We have gathered a few places we recommend.


We have booked some of the available AirBnB around the site for family but please do avail of those remaining. A great option for those with small children.


The town of Exeter has a significant amount of hotels and is a short drive from the site. Taxis can shuttle you back and forth as easily as any of the accommodations.


Please fill out!

Let us know if you're attending no later than November 30th.


Well thank you very much for even reading this far. Click below for more info on gifts.

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